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A Special Dress Fitting in Clinton, Connecticut

The final dress fitting is a highly anticipated day for any bride where all the pieces of your wedding day finally feel like they’re coming together. Erika, one of my lovely fall brides, messaged me just a few weeks before her big day to ask if I was available to photograph her final dress fitting at White Dress by the Shore in Clinton. She had mentioned that her grandparents were unable to attend her wedding since it would be out of state and traveling would be too difficult for them. Without hesitation, I gave her a huge YES!!

When we got to the bridal boutique, we were happily greeted by Beth, the owner of The White Dress. The hospitality and grace we received from her and her whole team made it such a pleasure to shoot there. Also, for any brides that are in the market for gowns, the selections are endless and I easily could have spent hours swooning over all the beautiful gowns they had to offer!

Once we settled in, Erika slipped into her gorgeous Hayley Paige Dress and stepped out to have a first dance with her grandfather. Tears were shed by everyone in the room once Erika played Johnny Cash’s “You Are My Sunshine”, a song her grandfather used to sing to her when she was a kid.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but it’s moments like these that make me remember how important my job is and how grateful I am to document the days that matter the most.

Johnny Cash- You Are My Sunshine

  1. Anna Worley says:

    I am
    So proud of you. ThAnk
    You for reminding me what’s important.
    You have a gift and you are meant to do this. Your soul
    Is beautiful, wise, and beyond a doubt my sunshine ☀️

  2. JamesGag says:

    Wonderful web-site you have got in here.

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